It’s snowing, everything stops! This is England…

Today we have had a lot of snow… look at this!

Let it snow...So, my writing day went out of the window… and I spent most of the day trying to get my computer to work! Which it now finally does…

Anyway, in the spirit of trying to relive Christmas we made minced pies (and ate lots of them)P1000697

My kids spent practically the whole day outside in the snow, and I spent the day hanging up coats to dry! Lol… anyway, enjoy these pictures! You never know, maybe next week I’ll get some writing done.

I am finding it very hard to get my head back in the game at the moment, sometimes I need to remind myself that there is no pressure other than the one I self induce… I will try to chillax (that’s the term now, isn’t it? lol)

Happy snow day… Vanessa 🙂 xx





It was my daughters 4th Birthday (this is her on her new bike – just look at that weather!) and I made THREE cakes… so I thought I would at least share the pictures…

I made one for Pre-school


One for her PARTY (It was excellent! In an indoor play area – they did all the work, we sat back, chatted and enjoyed! lovely…)


And one for us at home…


We did have some left over… Want some?


I have to admit that all three were very, very nice… there is something about cake that puts a smile upon my face!

Anyway, I also got nominated for TWO awards which I have blogged about on my main blog (which was started months ago) – I did have a nightmare with my very slow computer but after several “tweaks” it is finally working again.

Anyway, I have created three blog posts and done NO writing today! tomorrow, I hope to knuckle down… now I am going to watch the end of “The Ugly Truth” (if you have not seen it, its a hoot!)

Please have a look on

Thanks a lot for reading,

Vanessa 🙂 hugs


Thank you for visiting my BLOG…

It’s always daunting posting for the first time. What can I say about myself to grab you? Well, as you can see in the “About” section I have done a fair bit in my time… I lead a very confused existence.

However, I am mainly a full time mum! Alongside this crucial (and at times unrewarding pastime), I also teach swimming as a volunteer for my local club, tutor Maths, do accounts for pre-school and the swimming club (for FREE), and in any pockets of time I have spare I write…

I have been writing novels for three years now, and my main project has been The Evolution Trilogy, which I hope to complete this year.

I already have several other blogs and am a member of the Word Cloud – check out the section! I am a sucker for punishment and decided to create another blog here…

I hope you decide to follow me and that you might find some of my rambles interesting.

Hugs (I love my hugs…)
Vanessa 🙂 xx