Thank you for visiting my BLOG…

It’s always daunting posting for the first time. What can I say about myself to grab you? Well, as you can see in the “About” section I have done a fair bit in my time… I lead a very confused existence.

However, I am mainly a full time mum! Alongside this crucial (and at times unrewarding pastime), I also teach swimming as a volunteer for my local club, tutor Maths, do accounts for pre-school and the swimming club (for FREE), and in any pockets of time I have spare I write…

I have been writing novels for three years now, and my main project has been The Evolution Trilogy, which I hope to complete this year.

I already have several other blogs and am a member of the Word Cloud – check out the section! I am a sucker for punishment and decided to create another blog here…

I hope you decide to follow me and that you might find some of my rambles interesting.

Hugs (I love my hugs…)
Vanessa 🙂 xx


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