It was my daughters 4th Birthday (this is her on her new bike – just look at that weather!) and I made THREE cakes… so I thought I would at least share the pictures…

I made one for Pre-school


One for her PARTY (It was excellent! In an indoor play area – they did all the work, we sat back, chatted and enjoyed! lovely…)


And one for us at home…


We did have some left over… Want some?


I have to admit that all three were very, very nice… there is something about cake that puts a smile upon my face!

Anyway, I also got nominated for TWO awards which I have blogged about on my main blog (which was started months ago) – I did have a nightmare with my very slow computer but after several “tweaks” it is finally working again.

Anyway, I have created three blog posts and done NO writing today! tomorrow, I hope to knuckle down… now I am going to watch the end of “The Ugly Truth” (if you have not seen it, its a hoot!)

Please have a look on

Thanks a lot for reading,

Vanessa 🙂 hugs


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