I was interviewed by the wonderful Jason, thank you

Jason's Spina Bifida Journey

How long have you been writing?

If you are referring to my taking writing more seriously, I started writing my first novel in February 2010, so a little more than three years. But, I have been writing since I was little! Ha! Ha!

Has writing always been something you wanted to do?

I always loved making up stories and have always been creative. I wanted to be an author when I was at school, but once my aptitude for science was discovered I forgot about writing for fun.

What books or stories have you written? Published?

I have written and published the first two books of my Evolution Trilogy, Hybrid and Complications, and four short stories (three under a collective group aiming to raise money for charity). I have also written a romantic chick lit-type novel, which might get published one day. I have started LOTS of other ones.

Can you tell us a…

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Writer’s Kaboodle… Great stuff!

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I was approached by Sezoni Whitfield www.twitter.com/sezoni and asked if I would like to be interviewed live on Twitter!  Fool me, I said yes… eek! I have no idea what I am letting myself in for but please come and join in – should be fun!


Follow my interview with SEZONI WHITFIELD on Twitter from about 9am US time – 1pm UK time. 

Use the hashtag #WritersKaboodle to join the conversation. Learn more about me on Twitter @vanessa_wester and follow me either here or on vanessawesterwriter.blogspot.com

A bit about Sezoni…


She conducts online author interviews every Thursday from 10:00 AM EST until 2:00 PM EST, and from 6:00 PM EST until 9:00 PM EST. The interview can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as one hour, depending upon participation. The interview is simply conducted.She will ask questions about your book, current projects, and anything else you want to share and promote your website, blog, and tweets.  And share your book on Facebook.

To participate, just use our hashtag #WritersKaboodle with all your replies while the interview is in session. That way, everyone who participates in the chat can see your tweets and reply directly to you. Your tweets are always in the discussion forum for others to dip in and out for any useful writing tips you may offer.

If you’re interested in an online interview, please send an e-mail to readnwrite241@gmail.com


I was also interviewed by Jason Bourne www.twitter.com/Jason_Bournesm

Please check out the interview here…


Vanessa 🙂 xx

READ AN eBOOK WEEK March 3-9, 2013


This week is read an eBook Week… so I have decided to jump on board and give away all of my titles listed on Smashwords for FREE…

That’s right – you can get the first two novels of THE EVOLUTION TRILOGY for FREE…


To find out about the event please go to the official site http://www.ebookweek.com/ and read an interview by Make Coker back in 2010 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mark-coker/the-story-behind-read-an_b_487343.html

From tomorrow please download my books (offer only available through smashwords)

Thank you for your interest… let’s celebrate the advent of the eBook by downloading as many books as possible,

Vanessa Wester 🙂 xx

HYBRID (The Evolution Trilogy) https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/145641

COMPLICATIONS (The Evolution Trilogy) https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/248786


First Date https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/276002

Black Warning https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/282075

The Engagement Party https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/282077

Careless Cupid https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/282078


This was a great project to be involved in… Enjoy! I did 🙂 xx


Currently hot on the campaign trail for her new book 100 Little Words on Parenthood Charlie Plunkett has been kind enough to answer some questions from me about parenting, self-publishing and writing. Charlie is married to her soul mate, Dave and is a Mum to an adorable 4 ½ year old little boy called Cole. She is also author of three published books, a series of ‘true diaries’ that chart the milestone moments in her life – getting married and becoming a Mum. She has recently published a 4th book on parenthood 100 Little Words on Parenthood which has not only been a fascinating experiment in collective publishing but also a hilarious and often heart wrenching insight into parenting from a wide range of experiences and perspectives. When she’s not being a Mum and writing she teaches ballet, is a presenter for Coastway Hospital Radio and has been known to…

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