This was a great project to be involved in… Enjoy! I did 🙂 xx


Currently hot on the campaign trail for her new book 100 Little Words on Parenthood Charlie Plunkett has been kind enough to answer some questions from me about parenting, self-publishing and writing. Charlie is married to her soul mate, Dave and is a Mum to an adorable 4 ½ year old little boy called Cole. She is also author of three published books, a series of ‘true diaries’ that chart the milestone moments in her life – getting married and becoming a Mum. She has recently published a 4th book on parenthood 100 Little Words on Parenthood which has not only been a fascinating experiment in collective publishing but also a hilarious and often heart wrenching insight into parenting from a wide range of experiences and perspectives. When she’s not being a Mum and writing she teaches ballet, is a presenter for Coastway Hospital Radio and has been known to…

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