Introducing Vanessa Wester!

Take a look at this…
Thanks a lot,
Vanessa 🙂 xx


  I have had the pleasure of being a part of the Short Story Group, created by Vanessa Wester and James Smith and for quite some time now, I have been wanting to interview all of the authors, along with Vanessa and James, but have been procrastinating as usual. 🙂

So today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Vanessa and tomorrow James will be stopping by to take his turn in the hot seat. 🙂

Please welcome, Vanessa Wester.

Head                      small

Hi Vanessa, how did you come to the idea for the short story group? Or what was the reason you wanted to put a short story group together?

This happened purely by chance. I was “talking” to a short story writer, James Smith, online and decided to try my hand at shorts. If I could write a short…

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