Ethical issues in self-publishing: Why you should care

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Patricia J. Parsons

j0321197It’s probably safe to say that most of us don’t think about ethics on a daily basis — at least not consciously.  But every once in a while we see, read or hear something that makes us think that something is not quite “right.”  Something about it makes us feel that it’s just wrong.  That something might be perfectly legal, but still doesn’t feel right.  That’s your own internal ethical compass telling you to look at the issue more closely. The problem is, often when we ought to see something as not quite right, we don’t even notice.  Self-publishing comes to mind.

Writers have been self-publishing for many years. Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, Beatrix Potter and Virginia Wolff come immediately to mind, giving self-publishing what should be a kind of positive cache.  However, the image of self-publishing has, over the years, diminished in the eyes of many — the media…

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in search of a revolution - redone

Finnish History.

The idea for IN SEARCH OF A REVOLUTION was born when I came across an article about the Finnish Civil War. I thought that I knew about European History but this conflict was news to me.

Ashamed and intrigued alike, I read up on the subject on Wikipedia and then I ordered a book about the subject.

Finnish Independence from Russia was almost accidental when Russia was too preoccupied with its own Revolution. The Finnish Parliament and Army were answerable only to the Tsar. With his death came a situation of legal un-clarity. Russian soldiers and citizens, who didn’t want to return to a now Soviet Russia, remained in Finland, robbing, stealing and contributing to the lawless chaos.

In images (8)response, bands of men formed as civil defence corps. In cities and industrial centres those tended to be associated with trade unions and left leaning groups, leading to a…

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Vanessa reviews The Night Porter by Mark Barry

Rosie Amber

Today we have a review from team member Vanessa, she blogs at


Vanessa chose to read and review The Night Porter by Mark Barry


My Review…
What a different kind of book this was! Based on a “Night Porter” whose perspective on life is about to change radically by the arrival of four authors nominated for prestigious writing awards.
Amy – bestselling author of romantic fiction.
Frank – author of highly acclaimed thrillers.
Jo – young exciting writer of YA.
And last, but not least, Frank – self-published (practically unknown) writer of contemporary fiction.
I have to admit that at first I found this difficult to get into. I personally don’t drink (rarely ever) or smoke and the constant mention of alcohol and smoking put me off. This is a personal dislike of course. It did help to set the tone for these characters and I think this was…

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