Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Vanessa reviews Kings & Queens and Last Child by Terry Tyler

Rosie Amber

Today we have reviews from Vanessa, she blogs at


Vanessa has been reading Kings & Queens and it’s sequel Last Child by Terry Tyler

Kings and Queens - Terry Tyler Kings and Queens – Terry Tyler

Kings and Queens

“This book is intense!

For anyone who has watched series like Dallas, Dynasty, The Colbys or Falcon Crest (yes, I admit it – I have) this brought back so many memories! My grandmother was obsessed and I remember coming home from school and watching Falcon Crest with her, or when I was sick watching Dynasty. Dallas was much discussed at school! Yes, I am going back approx 30 years!

There was something about characters like Joan Collins, who nearly slept with her son and seduced anyone in sight that made for addictive viewing! As well as the alcoholics and drug addicts! (The rich have it SO tough)

So back to the book. Kings and Queens is…

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