Does Amazon Cheat on Royalty Statements? How Amazon Is Cheating Consumers and Authors

Does Amazon Cheat on Royalty Statements? How Amazon Is Cheating Consumers and Authors.



High Tea Dreams


I had minimal experience with Anne Rice before reading this novel. My tastes have changed somewhat so I decided to reacquaint myself with Rice’s work. On the back cover of the paperback, there is a quote from the Boston Globe which reads “If you surrender and go with her, you have surrendered to enchantment, as in a voluptuous dream”.

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Sorry, I can’t just pick five.

Jessica Wren Fiction

For the #indieRoar 10-day Challenge, I was asked to name five of my favorite indie authors/books. My first though was “Just five? I can’t do that! That’s like asking me to choose five of my favorite cousins” (and I have a LOT of cousins-all of them cool people).

While There are a lot of rockin’ people in the indie world, for this list I’m naming the folks whose works I have read and reviewed and found inspiring (in alphabetical order by first name). Read on. Maybe you’ll find your next favorite.

1. AJ James (author of Crave: The Celestial Grigori Chronicles)- divinely romantic fantasy suspense about a fallen angel in love with a human woman that will leave you wanting more

2. Alan Stroe (author of Against Her Gentle Sword and related series) there is a “WTF?” Moment at nearly the midway point, but looking past that you will find…

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The Empire Bonnet of 1865 (and 1866)

If I Had My Own Blue Box:

According to The Dictionary of Fashion, the Empire bonnet was “a small, close-fitting, outdoor bonnet in the shape of a baby’s bonnet.”

We see bonnets called the Empire earlier in the war, but by the end of the war they have changed:

“The Empire bonnet (in its greatly modified form) seems to become popular, it is now made of velvet as well as straw, and is found not only comfortable but in a general way becoming. Bandelettes quite flat to the head and formed of velvet are much worn in place of bonnet-caps. Occasionally a butterfly, humming-bird, jet ornament, a bow of ribbon, or turf of flowers, is posed in the centre, and takes off the rather severe effect of the flat bandelette. Sometimes the band is formed entirely of feathers.” (The Ladies’ Companion, 1865 (Also The Illustrated London Magazine))

In 1865, mentions of the Empire bonnet are in…

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8 ways to kill writer’s block forever

The one thing you can pretty much guarantee if you are a writer is that at one point or another you will be struck down with writer’s block.

That blank white page will stare you in the face and cruelly taunt you while you look on most likely frustrated.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to make it all go away (unless you happen to be Bradley Cooper in Limitless).

However, you can implement a few easy tricks and techniques into your daily schedule that will fix you right up and banish your writer’s block forever.

1. Implement a writing schedule

clock writing schedule

Did you know that author Graham Greene set himself a schedule of writing 500 words a day? No matter where he was in his work, even if it left him mid-sentence he would stop at 500.

His strict regimen saw him create every day and allowed him to…

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT We Go Again by Michael Cargill @MichaelCargill1

Rosie Amber

Today’s review comes from team member Vanessa, she blogs at


Vanessa chose to read and review We Go Again by Michael Cargill


My review for “We Go Again” – 3/5
“This is a descriptive account of the movements of British soldiers during the end of the WWII, whilst posted in France.
If it was based on a real account, had been written in a diary format, or from a first person’s point of view it might have been more powerful. In the way it was written it worked well as a historical reflection on what could have happened and how the men and women involved felt.
There is not much of conclusion to the story, other than to describe the horrific events that occurred. A lot of the facts are poignant and harrowing, as well as touching in giving us a glimpse into how some women felt liberated by…

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