Sorry, I can’t just pick five.

Jessica Wren Fiction

For the #indieRoar 10-day Challenge, I was asked to name five of my favorite indie authors/books. My first though was “Just five? I can’t do that! That’s like asking me to choose five of my favorite cousins” (and I have a LOT of cousins-all of them cool people).

While There are a lot of rockin’ people in the indie world, for this list I’m naming the folks whose works I have read and reviewed and found inspiring (in alphabetical order by first name). Read on. Maybe you’ll find your next favorite.

1. AJ James (author of Crave: The Celestial Grigori Chronicles)- divinely romantic fantasy suspense about a fallen angel in love with a human woman that will leave you wanting more

2. Alan Stroe (author of Against Her Gentle Sword and related series) there is a “WTF?” Moment at nearly the midway point, but looking past that you will find…

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