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Dear colleagues at the department,

Thanks for sending out those documents about the maths exemplification. They look lovely – although perhaps in the rush to get them out before the deadline, the proof reading went a bit astray. I guess it must have turned out to be harder to put together than you’d hoped.

Or maybe, like us, for KS2 your real focus has been on the high stakes Writing exemplification that will have such an impact on schools, teachers and school leaders. Doubtless you’ve been put in a difficult position having to pull something together in such a hurry, and with such a stringent list of criteria: it must be quite a challenge to find evidence for all the aspects required, particularly as some are quite uncommon in decent writing. We share your worry on that front entirely, I assure you.

And what an operation it must be to…

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Book Review – First Date by Vanessa Wester

Amazing review for my short stories! 🙂

Julie Haiselden

First Date is a collection of five stories with an excerpt from a longer novel at the end.  I suspect that First Date and Engagement Party will resonate with many.  We then have Careless Cupid, a supernatural encounter and Precious, a generation-spanning tale.  The final story was the darker Black Warning.

I was pleasantly surprised by Vanessa Wester’s ability to paint vivid pictures for her readers within the constraints of the short story format.  In her first two works, she cleverly used topics with which most of us are familiar.  The excitement and anxieties created by the first date and the family dynamics of an engagement party.

Having pulled her readers in with her easy writing style, Ms Wester then gives us three rather different stories, culminating with Black Warning which will send a shiver down many a spine.  The author maintained a consistent pace and stuck to her task, not falling into the trap of irrelevant sub-plots.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a light read which…

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Gone Girl

The Book Review Page

I know I’ve already talked about this novel but I just can’t seem to help myself in giving it its own post. It’s just that good. It reached me on so many levels.

Gone Girl came out in 2012 and somehow it slipped under the radar until David Fincher directed a film adaptation, then of course everybody went to see it and started reading the book. Of course you already know all this. The thing I don’t understand is how no one discovered it sooner.

gone-girlGone Girl is the novel I wish I could write. I wish heartily that I was as talented as Gillian Flynn. Not only does it have likeable and intriguing characters but it has a thoroughly developed plot and interesting setting. But what I think I love most about it is the writing style and the slow development of the plot through the form of Amy’s diary…

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