Winners & Thoughts on “Feel the Love” Giveaway

I would love to say that it did…but, unfortunately even at under $1.50 it had no effect as you can see by the sad rating on Amazon! If anyone wants to change that please click on this link – I have found that giving away free books or making readers buy books is VERY hard at the moment. The only thing that works is paying for promotions! BUT, thank you so much for doing this. I hope it was worth your while. Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow. I certainly made me smile to know you tried. All the best, Vanessa 🙂


Some of you have asked that I let you know what I think about the Amazon giveaway so far. So I want to give you my thoughts, but first;

Congrats to the winners of week 1.

  • Sonya Burton
  • Cortney Housler
  • Breanna
  • Linda Boyd
  • Megan

I hope you are enjoying my weekly planner, “Do Something Nice” And when you get a chance, please do something nice for me and leave a review.

And congrats to week 2’s winners of “Love is in the Air

  • Cal
  • Kaycee Raines
  • Vincent Rosetta
  • Pamela Sementilli
  • Patricia Fite

“Love is in the Air” was written by a great group of authors and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share the love with them. So here they are;

James Smith
Vanessa Wester
Angela Kelman
Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar
Katherine Hetzel
Sandra Giles
Michelle Willis
Michael J Holley
Sam Croft
Me 🙂
Mackenzie Brown
Steve Venables
David Corbett

Hugs and…

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