The tangled complicated love lives of writers!

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A monogamous relationship with a woman, was something that was totally alien to Alexandre Dumas, as he put it succinctly himself, “If I had only one, she’d be dead inside eight days.” This incorrigible playboy right from his teens until his death, didn’t want to get married and only did so when forced into it, to pay off some of his debts. This did not change his penchant for taking on any number of mistresses and in so doing fathering seven illegitimate children. It is no real surprise that this inveterate bed hopper died of syphilis.

Lord Byron was another serial bed hopper, famous for his bisexuality. Married to , Anne Isabella Milbanke, he also allegedly was getting a bit of extra-marital with her half-sister Augusta Leigh. Lord Byron’s antics were too much for Lady Byron, who left her husband, taking their child with her. Rumors of the…

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Secrets of Transformation, Part 3 The Mystery of Seduction

Being a massive fan of fairy tales both of the past and present I think you raise some interesting analogies! The addition of a love potion makes is SO much more fun 🙂

Exile on Peachtree Street

The Mystery of Seduction

You know how to whistle, don't you... You know how to whistle, don’t you…

The last few blogs on transformation have noted that contemporary fairy tales with strong heroines have existed for years. Hollywood discovered traditional fables and classic fairy tales could easily be rewritten. Classic tales began to mirror concepts regarding women and femininity. Forget showcases of passive, helpless, beauty-queen femininity. Or, maybe not. It would depend on the story. Glamorous victims, dames, broads…you name it, Hollywood would give it to you. These femmes seduced us, just like maidens of the fairy tale stories of old had cast their own enchantment over kings and princes.

Secrets of Transformation has touched on the fact that our most popular fables and stories in folklore have indigenous native roots.  These tales were usually told by women, to the repetitive rhythms of work, until spinning a yarn and telling a tale were the…

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Bling For Your Soul

Awesome pictures & a very interesting read! 🙂


tourists - no zazzleHave you ever wanted to tour Paris with a fine arts painter? Moscow with an acclaimed journalist? Chicago with the former leader of a counter-cultural movement?

Or how about The Bone Church of Kutna Hora with an author of historical spy fiction?

Cold readers, I know I don’t shower you with diamonds and champagne cocktails. Nor do I buy you designer dresses or expensive watches. And it’s true – I don’t think I’ve ever once treated you to dinner at the fancy new restaurant in town.

But after today, you can’t say I’ve never taken you anywhere.

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a company called Voice Map. Voice Map is an app for iPhones and Android devices that provides immersive audio tours written and performed by bestselling authors, artists, photographers, seasoned travelers, educators and journalists. You might hear about murder on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, nostalgia for the vanishing hutongs of…

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