I joined “The Word Cloud” in March 2011, and met amazing authors and aspiring writers like myself. I posted excerpts of Hybrid (the Evolution Trilogy) in its early stages and received a lot of praise and help.

It is a fantastic site for new writers, or existing writers looking to form friendships. Of late, I do not visit as much as I should since I have met many, more writers via Twitter but it is still a site I recommend.


My Profile & Aspiring Writers Group:


Anyway, I booked up to their FESTIVAL OF WRITING, which I attended at York, England, in September 2012. I have made notes on the workshops I attended, writers I met, agent and book doctor one-to-one’s, and the general experience.

I recommend you check out my blog… come of the notes are very useful for writers.


I am very pleased to add that my blog post on Jojo Moyes was included in the Official Festival of Writing Book… have a look! (My friend Anne Corlett mentions me in her post – awww sweet)




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