Blog Tour: Evolution Trilogy (Review)

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The Booklandia


Author: Vanessa Wester
Format: PDF (Review Copy)
Date Published: May 2015
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult
Overall Rating: ✮✮✮✮
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The Evolution Trilogy-Book 1

 Caitlin Chance hopes that university life will open many doors. New friends, her own digs, and an enriched learning environment. It’s what she needed to get on with her life. When she meets Steven Thorn during Fresher’s week she has no idea that her future is on a different kind of trajectory. The attraction they share is instant and it is no surprise that they find themselves drawn to one another.

However, Steven has a secret past that is destined to reveal itself. Soon he will become a stranger to everyone and his new life in Brazil will begin. People like him are not meant to live amongst normal humans. The wheels are set in motion for his radical upheaval.


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Dyslexia… 5 things a teacher needs to know about working with dyslexic pupils…


Dyslexia… 5 things a teacher needs to know about working with pupils with dyslexia…

I have recently been doing some workshops with parents, they have been really successful and I am really starting to raise the profile of dyslexia and its hidden difficulties in the area where I live. After each workshop I have been asking parents for anonymous feedback on various aspects of the workshop but also on what they feel their biggest barriers with school are. This weeks workshop, where 21 parents attended, saw 21 forms all with similar answers for this question. Every single parent felt there was a lack of knowledge and understanding of how dyslexia impacts their child on a daily basis in the classroom. Those forms were the inspiration for this post. As a dyslexic myself and as a specialist teacher of dyslexia this post outlines 5 things that a teacher needs to know…

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Self-publishing and the snobbery issue

Alison Williams Writing


I work with all different types of authors, those who are hoping to secure a publishing deal, those who are chasing the self-publishing dream and even a couple who have gone on to secure a deal with one of the big five (or six, or whatever it is). Some of these writers are brilliant, some are really talented, some are steady, dependable story tellers who can spin a good yarn, some aren’t that great, some have accepted help and advice and have improved in leaps and bounds, a few I have advised to go right back to the drawing board and there have been a handful who I have had to advise that writing is perhaps not the path for them (this is at the sample edit stage – I never take a penny from authors in this situation).

You might be surprised to know that most of the authors…

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The Devil You Know by @TerryTyler4 #psychological #drama ~ a serial killer is on the loose #SundayBlogShare

  • 61u3megpz6lAuthor: Terry Tyler
  • Kindle edition
  • Category: Psychological Drama, Suspense
  • five-stars

Every serial killer is someone’s friend, spouse, lover or child….

Young women are being murdered in the Lincolnshire town of Lyndford, where five people fear someone close to them might be the monster the police are searching for.

One of them is right.

Dora had been promised a job in England but her brother knew better. He pleaded with Dora not to trust the man who made the promises but she laughed off his concerns, believing she was in control of the situation and not in any danger. Dora found out to her cost her brother had been right. She paid the ultimate price for her naiveté.

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“Punk Rocker” Anthology – Interview with Christoph Fischer

Great interview 🙂


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As some of you already know, I’ve contributed to an anthology called PUNK ROCKER, the much anticipated sequel to “L.A. Punk Rocker”: top author Brenda Perlin’s best-selling punk anthology.

In the next few weeks, leading up to the release on May 15th, I will introduce the other authors who are in on the project. Today I am introducing myself.


How did you get involved in the PUNK ROCKER project?

I’m a huge fan of Brenda Perlin’s writing, and downloaded L.A. Punk Rocker as soon as it was released. The book unexpectedly stirred a lot of forgotten memories and latent emotions in me. This was still going on when I saw her call for entries to the sequel a few months ago. I couldn’t help myself and composed two stories. I am over the moon that they were selected for the anthology.

Without giving too much away, tell…

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Eric Yates: EPITAPH TO ‘NICKLE ECK’ Childhood Mischief in Wartime Birmingham

An excellent read to find out about a great author, who sadly passed away in 2012.


Today I’d like to introduce you to the late Eric Yates and his marvelous book:


Childhood Mischief in Wartime Birmingham



It is the late 1930’s and, despite his diminutive stature and humble demeanour, from a very young age little Eric (‘Nickle Eck’ to his family) is expected to earn his keep, beginning with the task of collecting and delivering beer for his Dad’s friend – but not before taking a swig and topping up the bottle with tap water – for which he is paid 6d.

Nickle Eck’ was accustomed to being surrounded by forests of bottled beer as a toddler, while his Mom played the piano and sang. Even then he returned the empties for 2d – but not before draining a few bottles first. He considered himself ‘the youngest alcoholic in Birmingham’.

From the age of four, Eric…

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R is for Roald Dahl and Rupert Thompson two outstanding writers.

Roald Dahl is amazing! 🙂

Francis H Powell author

R for Twitter

I read Roald Dahl’s Kiss Kiss, so many years ago, I can’t exactly remember when.  Whatever I was really struck by it. Maybe some of the concepts in this book seem a bit dated…but then it was published in 1960 and times were rather different then. Would you call your short story “Parson’s Pleasure” and the main character Cyril Boggis? If you don’t know this story it is about a shady antiques dealer, who takes advantage of naïve country types, and comes across a priceless Chippendale commode, which he acquires for twenty pounds with the intention of selling it for twenty thousand. What we can safely say about Roald Dahl’s stories is that there is a significant twist at the end of each story. It is this aspect that really influenced my short story writing.
With my own short stories, like Dahl, I try to include an unexpected twist at…

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The tangled complicated love lives of writers!

Francis H Powell author

Byron   dumas-fils-1-sized  AnaisNin

A monogamous relationship with a woman, was something that was totally alien to Alexandre Dumas, as he put it succinctly himself, “If I had only one, she’d be dead inside eight days.” This incorrigible playboy right from his teens until his death, didn’t want to get married and only did so when forced into it, to pay off some of his debts. This did not change his penchant for taking on any number of mistresses and in so doing fathering seven illegitimate children. It is no real surprise that this inveterate bed hopper died of syphilis.

Lord Byron was another serial bed hopper, famous for his bisexuality. Married to , Anne Isabella Milbanke, he also allegedly was getting a bit of extra-marital with her half-sister Augusta Leigh. Lord Byron’s antics were too much for Lady Byron, who left her husband, taking their child with her. Rumors of the…

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